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Garden Care

Your garden needs a special care and we are here to perform the job for you. Call us for:

Our lawn mowing, garden insect removal, foliage removal, brushing, hedge pruning services are performed by seasoned professionals who have years of experience in home garden care and lawn mowing services and this is the reason why we are a preferred name in every household in QLD.

Our garden care Brisbane professionals will help restore the lost glory of your garden through the best lawn mowing Brisbane services as performed skilled and trained professionals who use the most modern machinery and lawn mowers to beautify a particular place. Our landscaping and cleaning experts are available at a phone call and you you can contact us to know more about our services.



High Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning services in Brisbane provides a clean and fresh look to any space, be it outdoors or indoors and what’s more important, it offers a hygienic working and living environment that is to the liking of all. Such type of rigorous and extensive cleaning goes on to remove all tough stains, spots and dirt from a particular area, especially walls, floors, ceilings, corners of houses, gutters, patios, decks, windows etc. with perfection.

Pressure cleaning Brisbane services provides an extensive cleaning for your home & office in the most environment friendly manner without harming the surrounding environment. The solutions used in the cleaning process is non toxic and that helps for a safe and hygienic living. Give your home a nice pressure wash through the most modern and advanced pressure cleaning techniques.



Upholstery Cleaning

If you are looking for the best upholstery cleaning Brisbane services, call ‘1800 Cleaning’ as we are experts in residential as well as commercial upholstery cleaning services in Brisbane as we employ the most environment friendly cleaning techniques. Our methods ensure no harm to your upholstery fabric material and ensures long life. Whether it’s 100% cotton, silk or lycra fabric, we do it with utmost care and provide a clean look to your upholstery items.

Our cleaning process involves checking whether the fabric is colourfast and then check for fabric deterioration and thereafter vacuum clean it by applying dilute solutions that break the oil. Hand scrubbing is one of the methods and thereafter steam cleaning to remove the excess dirt that have accumulated over a period of time. Be it your home upholstery or car upholstery, we do it with perfection and in a time bound manner.


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